Station Log

Weather Staton, Data And PC Issues

10/04/2021 - Axis ip camera appears to have a possible power supply issue (Flickering) a new supply will be ordered asap.

09/04/2021 - Errornous Temperature Data observed ocasional dips in the graph to 1.3 investigated. cause was noise from a near by cable, resolved with a ferite core around the cable and seperating the power cables for the fars fan, old motor was brushless new one is carbon brushed and the pulses caused signalling issues.

04/04/2021 - Fan Assisted Radiation Sheild Temperature probe fan motor replaced and runs on a slightly higher voltage to assist more with affects of any locally radiated heat. This will run 24/7 From 01/03 through to 31/09 then daylight hours only. Except for fog.

29/01/2021 - Re orientated the wind sensor, Was pointing too far north east by about 32 degrees. 24 hour FARS fan has died, New one on order. Temperatures will be slightly elavated during sunny periods, Max temp for the day and year reset as cleaning took place of all sensors.

27/01/2021 - Turned off Weather Displays Webcam Functionality as added website script to take over. Result is less load on the server.

26/01/2021 - Server issues with Real Time Data upload error 301, No data lost issue commenced 1507, issue restored 22:54

02/01/2021 - Current conditions noted to be wrong, Changed the feed from being based on solar to Liverpool Airport metar updated at xx:20 and xx:50 each hour. Updated Weather display to latest build 123, added 0.2cm of snow/hail to records.

01/10/2020 - Station pc changed to a newer Dell r310 Server

15/07/2019 - Station Pc Replaced after 5 years, Replaced with a HP Proliant G5 Server Grade Machine.

01/04/2018- Station outage fom 1300-1400 Data lost due to station maintanance and cleaning. New stephenson screen build plans are being made to house the equiptment for the vantage pro weather station, an instromet backup station and met office standard thermometers for monitoring.

10/12/2015 - Station is running on a new Server as of may 2014 Specs are viewable on the home page of this website

17/01/2013 - Update - Computer seems stable and fast!

11/01/2013 - Station downtime due to pc unstability seems to have settled now after a rebuild, ram upgraded from 1.75GB to 4.09GB

02/01/2013 - It has been observed some files are failing to update on weather display. We are aware of this and are working on getting this resolved as soon as possible. Merseyside weather apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

18/12/2012 - from 1100am Wednesday 19th there will be a outage of services due to a boiler re-wire disruption will be kept to a minimum we apologies for any inconvenience this may cause services should be restored by 1900 latest

16/12/2012 - Computer Registry failed Rebuilt pc and seems to be stable and operational again, Downtime - 2 Days

08/11/2012 - Moved to new pc similar specs to the old one

17/03/2012 - New rain gauge received.

04/02/2012 - Wind sensor cups have frozen solid wind readings will resume when it thaws as its too high to de frost wind sensor de-frosted at 2200, it was off between 1500-2200 wind data was lost between these times

03/02/2012 - Weather Station Back On Air

01/02/2012 - Main hard drive failure in PC - Pc Back online No Data Lost Though the All time records have been lost data was recorded Hourly via the internal logger

28/01/2012 - Re Orientated the anemometer as it was pointing to far east of north

25/01/2012 - Pulled Anemometer down off the 20ft mast done maintenance on the anemometer and antenna. Anemometer Vane is on its last legs as the vane isn't moving freely a new anemometer will be replaced when this worsens it isn't to bad at the moment. But will keep a eye on readings the vane has stiffened slightly

22/01/2012 - Cleaned Rainguage Bucket And Solar Sensor, Checked All Cables Were Not Damaged Nor The Mast Structure During These High Winds

21/01/2012 - Repaired Serial Port Connector as when removed a arc of static Electricity was observed leaping from the weather station to PC. Added a piece of 16/0.2 equipment cable to remove static charge build up, WD Stopped uploading data to web server now cured with a software upgrade. No data was lost in eather of these two issues, Repaired WDL Webcams As Some Were Not Displaying ,Repaired WD As Uploads Were Failing ,Upgraded Software From Version 10.37Q Build 37 to version 10.37R Build 07, Upgraded Filezilla FTP to the latest Version, Fixed Fwi As it wasn't updating and also Fixed All Time Records Wasn't Updating

Website Development & Issues


30/10/2021 - Added an alternative view of live data using Weather Wizz. Can be seen under Live Weather Dials menu labeled as NEW! Weather Wizz Dashboard. External website.

28/10/2021 - New dashboard page is ready to launch final tweeks and fault finding on historical records.

09/07/2021 - Updated Common.php and updated the tables on w status.php. Began work on a new dashboard

10/04/2021 - Ajusted steel guages stying and working on getting jpgraph working for the hover graphs on the steel guages also working on the repositioning of the dials, About us page ajusted to reflect better the equiptment in use. Added extra charts to the synopsis page. added weather station status onto the wx status page. Added Lochaber website link and Mighty Radio Southport to links page. further tweeks to be added to optimise the wx status page. Added the live lightning blurb on how it works including a diagram. Removed Daylight map of the globe due to it not updating since september 20. Ajusted Live Weather link in navigation bar to better wording from live weather to live weather dials.

06/03/2021 - Added Merseyside Seach & Rescue link to main menu bar.

25/02/2021 - Contact us form is fixed and updated it not to use googles Re-capture as spammers were getting though, Now it uses a more complex algarythm to submit a email/.

17/02/2021 - Updated UV Script to reflect changes in API and added Weatherlink Live Website to the Live Data tab on the menu bar

29/01/2021 - Added Aurora Borealis information page, added links on the useful links page (Virtual VP,Weather Spares, Met office spot on guide & Freeola Web Hosting) Ajusted some of the link headers to make them clearer. Removed the google adsence code that seemed to take over the entire page and opted for Google adsence in boxes in curtain areas only. Fixed a issue with a link on the links page, Ajusted steel guages to width and length to 100%. There was a issue viewing on mobile devices where the page was cut short on the right hand side. Ajusted the postitioning of the Ip camera so it sits looking lower down and ajusted the focus. Less sky means less whited out image during bright periods. plans in place to ajust the front home page dials to take advantage of the full width of the page and add some more detail to the home page.

27/01/2021 - Check Fetch Times PHP script updated, Added webcam script to add overlays from the real time data on the web server. Ajusted the webcam 1 name and files to check for on the wx status page to the new file name, checked the contact form all seems good and working now, working on a archive webcam page/script for past days images saved every 15 mins coming soon to the bottom of both webcam 1 and webcam 2 once its setup.

23/01/2021 - New header images added to the roation script C/O Gary Lindon Photograpy, Added Hurricanes and Tropical Storm Prediction Page, Added Air Polution link to main-menu, Added UK National Grid utilisation gizmo page. link added to the Links Page, added link to Wirral Council website to the menubar external links, Modified about us page to include photos of the weather station and added sunshine recorder info, Ajusted some of the titles on some of the links in the menu bar, Ajusted size of feeds from as they were too tall on the synopsis and charts page, Added link to Metdesk Charts in the External Links Menubar, Created areas for sponsors to advertise and support the weather stations running costs, looking into a timelapse script for the webcam, modified contact us form to state about ip banning and logging of its use, checked Sargatoa Weather website and station diagnostic page for website scripting updates non available and all upto date as of 17:00, Started to use Dreamweaver 2021 as the PHP editor and backlined Notepad++ as a backup PHP editor/page design and creator, Preparing to retire the old wap site for the new sargatoa template version.

22/01/2021 - UPDATE: Fault with RSS feed has been found to be a formatting issue with the met office's RSS feed, Changes have been made, though all warnings are going to be shown for the north west and not just merseyside, contact form being looked into why the name field is pre filled in, please delete the name in the name field and correct this with your own, About the station has been updated, Added GFS to charts and synoptic page, added cloud cover and prediction to the satelite page. i will be adding a few more developments and tweeks being worked on in coming days.

22/01/2021 - Found a issue with the RSS Feed coming from the met office. Code changed to show all warnings and the issue of the feeds not being formatted correctly raised to the met office. Also a fault was found with the contact form where the name field would be pre filled. we are working on these faults and should be fixed soon.

18/01/2021 - New Website Launched 2300 old site kept as a legacy, Served 2006-2021, Note Delay on site becoming available. Due to DNS servers and users need to clear there cache

08/01/2021 - Website Re-design online tests underway utilising the sargatoa PHP scripting technology

01/01/2021 - Flash Player no longer being supported beyond 12/01/2021, Temporary dials replaced flash wdl dials

02/08/2019 - Website Deisign Changes, Data access is now via a donation to the station running costs and a few major changes in the pipeline.

02/08/2019 - Website Re build Underway.

24/07/2019 - Rain Guage Failure Replacement ordered 30/7 Arrived 31/7 Fitted 02/08, Some Data was lost during this time but the annual total corrected via met office spec rainguage.

04/04/2018 - New Fresh WDL to be introduced as a NON Flash alternative to the live dials, Website to gradualy have a overhaul in coming months.

07/04/2016 - Live Dials moved to a new server. This is due to the server hosts deciding to turn the servers off and go to a paid service, Dials may be slower updating than usual, This is still undergoing tests.

09/02/2013 - Removed the warning of a fault issue now sorted. installed new netgear N600 (WNDR3700) Router now running network. added current frames per second and bitrate on the streaming webcam, updated admin links.

02/01/2013 - station downtime 0700-1800 Hours Virgin media came to fix speed issues. Cause was the power levels in the cabinet on the street being +30dbmv! they were reduced to +16dbmv re wired the cable changed a splitter changed the superhub and added a -6db attenuator power levels at -2 after this has settled speeds of 120mb are likely with 12mb upload. current reading as of 1900 was between 80 and 108mbps download and 11/12mb upload. incoming power levels were =+16dbmv!

29/01/2013 - Station downtime 1500-1800 hours. Re configuring network to prioritizing the Website uploads over other network traffic.

29/01/2013 - Update - Issue with the broadband has still not been resolved. After long talks with virgin media it has came to light that the modem on the 120mb service should be using 2 channels on a dual bonded cable and our ares isn't dual bonded! there for impacting performance. This issue has be raised and more contact with virgin media will be made on Friday as it is impacting our Website. Normal service has been Restored for the time being. We apologize for any down time caused by this issue and we hope to have a full reliable service in the coming days.

25/01/2013 - Internet issues caused by a fault on another fibre cable virgin aware of this expected to be repaired by Monday 28th January 2013. WDL Updates reduced to 10 seconds until fault sorted.

23/01/2013 - Re set the Navigation menu on each page to the same height and sized, Fixed twitter now working on PWS Weather, Added New Pictures to the gallery some are panoramic may take a while to download on slow broadband connections

17/01/2013 - Axis Streaming Webcam Now Live for Publiv Vewing and all day video initialised also skycam added

17/01/2013 - Axis ip webcam received and online building web pages for it now!

16/01/2013 - Axis ip webcam expected arrival Friday

02/01/2013 - UPDATE - Twitter problems fixed, Working on pws weather now 20:30

02/01/2013 - Twitter upload problems should be resolved soon, Updated web page monthly conditions link, Moved the Records script up can fit more in now, Updated site version and removed decorations

10/11/2012 - problems uploading to PWS Still awaiting a fix for this.

08/11/2012 - Website re designed at the bottom near the webcam moved the adverts and deleted unpaid ones

15/06/2012 - Forecasts being withdrawn as of the 1st of July

23/03/2012 - FTP issues between PC and Freeola. Freeola saying there is no issues when there clearly is.

18/03/2012 - Broadband problems solved

18/03/2012 - Fixed network status page and started designing a observations page and station information page

29/01/2012 - Updated forecast,Enabled the Network test on the station status page this page shows areas that are live and if there all showing a red X then. the network test will show the status of the uplink

26/01/2012 - Created a Car banner for display this can be downloaded and printed by clicking here, Modified the small print on the bottom of our home page added advertisement fee of £15 for a years advertising!!

22/01/2012 - Added two new images from the top of the radio city tower to gallery #2 Changed weather display live Station Name to Merseyside WX from Merseyside Weather. Looked more professional! Work Being Carried Out On the Station Status Page Network uplink being configured, to test out broadband (Fault Finding), Added a Image Link to our links page and a link to our homepage to our Met office, WOW Website data upload, Moved Adverts at the bottom of the home page looks more organized now, Adjusted the Navigation Bar, Introduced the Glossary Page to the Navigation Menu

21/01/2012 - Added modified station status page now with background and network tests being configured, Added Advert To Electronic Surgery, Updated Forecast ,Updated and modified Links Page, Removed Tidyhosts Link As We No Longer Use Them, Added A Link To Radio Spares Components And Icecast Streaming media server

20/01/2012 - Added Extra Links above the Meteogram, Modified the Station Status Page, Modified Paypal for Donations Should Work Now, Looking for new area webcams to add and station promotion, Station Status page now fully operational showing key areas of the Website for, functionality of the updates

19/01/2012 - Added station status page curtsey of help from, Changed Navigation menu buttons to a different style, Added link to newquayweather on links page, Added QI Reader for wap access via smartphone, Added a navigation bar link to the gallery number 1 and 2, Modified station status page, Added Station Log